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Protecting your organization’s data is vital to keeping your business operational. Lead by experts with extensive experience serving in the NSA, U.S. Cyber Command, DoD, Special Operations, defense and private industries, Lantium offers advanced comprehensive IT security solutions to safeguard your network. Through a series of risk assessments, audits, penetration testing, intrusion detection and firewall solutions, Lantium provides a balanced cybersecurity perspective to ensure long-term resiliency no matter what the threat.

Evaluate your organization’s cyber presence and reduce the risk of a security breach.

Lantium’s firewall solutions integrate a hardware firewall with software controls into a comprehensive security solution that includes virtual private network (VPN) support, anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and content filtering capabilities. Our firewall solutions block unauthorized access to your applications and data and provide advanced application-level security for a wide range of applications.

Go beyond typical automated vulnerability scans to pinpoint and address existing exposures. Lantium’s Penetration Testing provides the expertise your organization needs to identify security deficiencies and analyze its impact on your business. By mimicking real-world cyber attacks, our security analysts exploit your network to find weaknesses, prioritize potential risks, and provide recommendations on how to cost effectively ensure your sensitive information is secure. Lantium’s security team will validate and then prioritize the risks that pose the greatest threat to your business and outline a range of technical and procedural countermeasures to dramatically reduce your exposure.

Through our Managed Intrusion Detection services, Lantium continuously monitors your network for security threats, including worms, viruses, buffer overflows and denial-of-service attacks. Unlike automated security monitoring solutions, Lantium’s services rely on analysis by our security experts to distinguish true potential threats from the many false positives that automated solutions typically produce. Lantium’s Managed Intrusion Detection services include 24×7 reporting to meet your internal control and compliance requirements.

The threat of data breach is a growing concern for many IT and business leaders. By assessing your information systems and business processes, Lantium can effectively evaluate your organization’s cyber presence and create a customized list of actions, techniques and technologies to mitigate risk and increase your digital resiliency. Our security analysts will help you identify cost-effective methods to keep your business protected against known threats, while increasing your resistance to new and unforeseen risks as they evolve.


Data collection focused on the people and processes that impact your technology


Review the people, processes and technology that access critical information


Create a comprehensive plan to ensure long-term resiliency regardless of threat


Mitigation procedures with tracking metrics and threat monitoring to reduce future risk

If you are a company, merchant, business owner or operator, and you process, transmit or store cardholder data, it is your responsibility to know whether your systems comply with PCI Security Standards. Compliance confirms your commitment to protecting your customer’s data, builds client trust and protects your organization against damaging leaks of confidential information. To keep your business compliant, Lantium’s PCI pre-audit and remediation of security risks will provide the necessary documentation, employee training, security policies, record-keeping and quarterly vulnerability scans (including penetration testing) to uncover potential network weakness. By adhering to the standards set out by the industry, Lantium can help your business reduce the risk of a security breach, enhance your business’s reputation, and demonstrate to your clientele their private information is protected.

Compliance and concern with HIPAA and HITECH are not just for medical practices, hospitals and health insurers anymore. If you transmit, hold or have access to Electronic Personal Health Information (e-PHI) or an EMR System, do business with or have a vendor that does, you may potentially be subject to HIPAA’s regulations and enforcement. Lantium’s HIPAA certified staff provides comprehensive solutions for the healthcare industry – protecting you from potential data breaches and the loss of revenue, reputation, legal fees and regulatory fines associated with it. Through a combination of industry experience and IT expertise, we understand today’s legal and regulatory landscape as well as the most pressing technology challenges and opportunities in healthcare. Every business has its own unique situation and Lantium can help your organization remain compliant, identify ways to boost productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance security.

Identify security deficiencies and keep your business protected.

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